Summer Curriculum


Our classes promote discipline and creativity while encouraging each child to reach their highest potential. Classes focus on building a solid foundation in ballet technique with an emphasis on proper placement and safe progressions of movement while remaining sensitive to the developmental needs of younger dancers. Every faculty member who teaches ballet is certified in ABT's National Training Curriculum.

ADAMANTINE YOGA is a ritualized breath meditation built around the matrix of 14 sun salutations and 20 yoga postures. Adamantine Yoga offers a comprehensive path for the purpose of self transformation by exploring the full potential of the physical body. The goal of Admantine Yoga is to provide the individual with a simple but empowering personalized practice that offers the means for True Self realization.

Guided Self Practice or "GSP" is not the typical group-led class most students encounter in modern yoga. All instruction is individualized with a certified Adamantine Yoga Teacher supervising each practitioner one-on-one, but within the support and community of a group setting.

Guided Self Practice allows students to move through the Adamantine Yoga sequence at their own pace with modifications and adaptations that uniquley fit their experience level and ability. The teacher assists each student individually with physical adjustments and verbal instructions to allow for them to move deeper into the postures. This method of passing the teachings of yoga directly from the teacher to each individual student is a time honored tradition in the discipline of yoga and Guided Self Practice is unique opportunity to delve into the practice in an authentic and empowering way.